jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
18 July, 06:23
I and others KNEW this all along! #Vaccines now RAISE the risk of #Death from #COVID (no brainer on this one!)
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
14 July, 07:00
Injecting Babies with #Covid19 #Vaccines : #Brain Damage, #Seizures , Rashes are Recorded Side Effects in #VAERS https://healthimpactnews.c...
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
12 July, 05:58
New Documentary Exposes #WHO’s ‘Diabolical’ Plan To Use #Vaccines To Reduce #Global #population (Video) - #rfkjr - https://thewashingtonstand...
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
05 July, 03:15
#GodDamnNewYorkCity #NeworkCity Communist Dictator "Mayor" #EricAdams Says He Will Mandate #COVID #Vaccines For #Children This Fall - https://www.naturalblaze.c...
mrlen @mrlen
28 June, 11:45
#AnthonyPatch was telling is about #Coronavirus #DNA manipulation #Vaccines and .. well everything thats going on now, basically word for word in 2014 - TWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEEN!
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
24 June, 07:33
#CDC falsely claims severe reactions caused by dangerous #COVID#Vaccines ” are “rare”
Nancy Cox @flowerofgrace
13 June, 10:50
Let’s use our voices together to slow down or stop the approval of COVID shots for babies. https://childrenshealthdef... I did not have much room to write. I selected some articles from the vaccine section https://stopworldcontrol.c... and wrote this: "People are awakening and are wanting those who pushed the covid shots tried for murder and injuries. https://stopworldcontrol.c... https://stopworldcontrol.c... https://stopworldcontrol.c... A prewritten letter was also included in the campaign.
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
11 June, 08:02
Photo of the Day - Time to BAN Assault #Vaccines !
Jamie McIntyre @Jamiemcintyre
11 May, 01:04
Is he another sell out Idiot ? Piers Morgan - a globalist sell out puppet and dodgy drug spruiker ?

Is he another sell out Idiot ? Piers Morgan - a globalist sell out puppet and dodgy drug spruiker ?

Is it any wonder Piers Morgan ratings have tanked for SkyNews ?

I wonder if he will disclose that Newscorp takes $600 million pa to cover up vaccine death and injuries and to push the phase 3 medical Experiment?

I wonder what the families of the 649 dead athletes in the last year from cardiac arrest from the lifesaving vaccines think of his comments ?
Why doesn’t Pier show evidence of just one life saved by these “ lifesaving vaccines “
I’ll give him one million dollars if he can show just 1
On the condition he and Murdoch give me $1 million for everyone of the dead so far from them
Murdoch would be bankrupted
So put up or shut up Piers Morgan
Put your money and Murdoch’s where your mouth is.
Gutless Idiot box presenters with no conviction.
For real news
Jamie McIntyre @Jamiemcintyre
10 May, 06:10
Muppet Bill Gates, the biggest vaccine crony,Covid fraudster & con artist on the planet, who made $20 billion from the Covid fraud, has been found out. Not a single one of his vaccines, including his polio vaccine that’s killed & injured hundreds of thousands, & others that’s made hundreds of thousands of women infertile, has ever been properly blind placebo safety tested. His business partner Fauci got them all fraudently approved, including Covid vaccines without proper safety testing. It has killed millions over the decades,& yet to show evidence of saving a single life. I challenged him to a massive multi million dollar challenge - I’ll pay him $1 million for every person he can show scientifically his Bs19 jabs save, on a simple condition - he pays me $1 million for every single person that they kill within 5 years. His $133 billion fortune would be gone in less then 36 months - he is a con man & fraudster & him and Fauci must be jailed for crimes against humanity.
AnnV @AnnV
25 April, 08:39
Cardiologist Says 30 Percent of Vaxxinated Pilots Would Fail Health Screenings Due to Vaxxine Injuries

Joshua Yoder, an airline pilot and co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers said during an interview Wednesday that a cardiologist told him that if the airlines were conducting certain health screenings, 30 percent of the pilots currently flying would probably be disqualified due to vaccine-induced heart conditions.

Yoder told tech millionaire andVaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsch that his group has received hundreds of reports about pilots flying planes while suffering from adverse side effects from the COVID vaccines.

The most prominent health issues being reported, the pilot noted, include chest pains, myocarditis, and pericarditis. Yoder said that three vaccinated pilot called him yesterday and said that they’re “currently flying with chest pains,” and another one said he is being treated by a cardiologist. He noted that the pilots want to remain anonymo
Jamie McIntyre @Jamiemcintyre
24 April, 01:47
Companies foolish enough to have mandated vaccines must have weak corporate compliance teams to ever allow it. I know one Nsw local council was going to, but my brother works in compliance and simply highlighted that it’s illegal to do so and the Council and individual staff could be held liable for any deaths or injury from the not so safe , ineffective and unnecessary quackzinne’s . A boom industry coming apart from Funeral Parlours to bury the dead from this deadly global medical Experiment will be class action lawyers the BHPs etc of the world and Governments- imagine just how many billion

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