jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
25 September, 10:47
Don’t forget as the end of September approaches please visit my Internet Radio Station Radio America USA & Philly “n” Jersey Radio – Shows back up. #radioamericausa is NOT brought to you by #Pfizer , #Moderna , #JandJ nor the rest of the #medical Industrial Complex but by generous gifts of #Patriots & #Christians ! http://www.radioamericausa...
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
23 September, 04:15 (E)
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
23 September, 07:10
GREAT ARTICLE #TimBrown #SonsOfLibertyMedia & Radio -
#arms Trade Treaty Meeting Confirms Worst Concerns For International #Gun #Confiscation - #DoNotComply #DoNotDisarm - https://thewashingtonstand...
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
12 September, 05:58
Pastor Randy Parker – Of #Christ and the #SIN Nature
Pastor Volker Stoeckmann – Minor #Prophets
God Said Man Said Weekend Podcast

#sermon #kjv #kingjamesbible #bible #biblestudy #JesusChrist #God

All On NOW at my Internet Radio Station Website, Radio America USA/Philly ‘n’ Jersey Radio http://www.radioamericausa...
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10 September, 11:50
Don forget the return to my internet radio station, Radio America USA 3 sermons up! http://www.radioamericausa...
mrlen @mrlen
07 September, 10:08
This video can be summed up with:

"The left got Jennifer. Shes gone now".
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
06 September, 04:12
My Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA & Philly and Jersey Radio is BACK! Limited but 2 video & 1 audio shows up - to get more shows going and to keep this platform going, you all know the deal! #radioamericausa - http://www.radioamericausa...
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05 September, 06:46
This #LaborDay Holiday Please Consider:
1) To Keep #FreeSpeech going if you like the #socialmedia Platforms you are on please #financially support them as they are NOT brought you by #Pfizer #Moderna nor the other members of the #medical Industrial Complex

2) Also donations to my websites to keep them going
Trying to rebuild Radio America USA - http://www.radioamericausa...

also and my #bible #Church page I might be adding sermons from other Bible preachers on the page!
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31 August, 10:44
Please start the month of September by visiting my websites (revisions coming along)
Flagship - , there many links and sites, and
Still trying to rebuild Radio America USA http://www.radioamericausa...

My Church Bible Page -

My Page where to buy Healthy and Organic Products -

If you have liked my work please consider blessing it by donating.

Thank You!
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20 August, 04:52
Update on My Internet Radio Station, (Closed but listen to clip) Radio America USA & Philly
Jersey Radio – My 10 minute rant & update #ginojennings #donnieswaggart #gabrielswaggart #radioamericausa #2a #2ashallnotbeinfringed #Guns #Pentecostal #Charismatic #Christian #SonlifeBroadcasting
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
15 August, 07:23
Part 5 (last) of A Few Posts/Announcement regarding me

Even though I had to close my #Internet #Radio Station, Radio America USA http://www.radioamericausa... on July 27 due to no donations, I plan to in #September move the domains to my flagship #Website ,

I plan to try to have a #Podcast on everything hopefully by #Saturday August 20, 2022 - stay tuned, especially the new followers so I can explain in detail what is going on and my future online!
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
12 August, 05:06
#sonlife is not the only boycott I am promoting, with good results, ANOTHER BOYCOTT is coming, I will details on a future Radio Show on "The Truth Hertz" on Radio America USA:
This Nationally Syndicated Radio/Video Talk Show Host says men like me, SINGLE, THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN not allowed to be #Pastors , so he is why I quit the ministry & out in the street those who asked why, I told them who/gave names! The context is #1Timothy 3 regarding "husband of 1 wife", funny, #paul the #Apostle of the #Gentiles seemed single! However, this ENEMY OF MINE (and his boss!) attacked me indirectly BUT will NOT say 1 word about #donnieswaggart , twice divorced 3 times married! Easy for these bullies to pick on handicapped/disabled people, more to come on my 2 newest enemies on a future show! These 2 clowns are part of my #GodDamnAmerica tour, they picked on the wrong guy! I don care boys, I am near the end of my life, you useful idiots for the #Rothschilds & #Vatican - #Jesuits !
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
11 August, 07:25
As we approach another weekend & the middle of August, please do not forget to check out my websites as I continue the renovations.
Flagship - - all the links to other sites there
Church Site -
Radio America USA - even though closed there are plans to move it to my website in September. http://www.radioamericausa...

#PayPal buttons on the websites for those desiring to donate & bless my work!
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
09 August, 06:07
Potential Coming in Mid #September (if the donations keep coming) #Saturday #Radio Show on my websites! "The Truth Hertz" #TheTruthHertz with yours truly!
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
09 August, 05:19
#LauraLoomer Calls for the People to Back #Independent #Media Before It’s Too Late!
Im glad people are finally waking up, but actions speak louder than words, she says - NO ACTIONS TO HELP ME CAUSED ME TO CLOSE RADIO AMERICA USA, so #WakeUpAmerica now or you will be obeying #Twitter #Facebook & their thugs! It is UP TO YOU!

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