jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
04 October, 07:13
‘Not wise’ to let #Ukraine join #NATO#HenryKissinger
#Russia regarded its sphere of influence in Eastern #Europe as a “safety belt,” the former US secretary of state said
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
02 October, 10:38
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
01 October, 02:41
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
07 September, 04:25
#Fauci - #COVID - If virus evolves too much, ll bets are off
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
07 September, 06:53
When are you gutless cowards - the over 75% of the 330,000,000 #Americans going to Lawfully prosecute these #Satanic #Luciferian #Tyrants ? #Revelation 21:8 Cowards burn Eternally in the #LakeOfFire

#JoeBiden #COVID Advisor Says Get Two Shots At Once: “#God Gave Us Two Arms — One for the #Flu Shot and the Other for COVID”
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
07 September, 06:05
#Fauci - #Covid19 #Vaccine may become annual, like flu shot - #ArrestFauci -
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
04 September, 05:08
Can NOT fix stupid!
Outrage as #Berkeley is now demanding students wear #masks if they are not #Vaccinated against #Flu - Parents, America, why are you sending your kids there?
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
08 August, 05:43
Dr Vernon Coleman Warns Of “Brand New Novel #Flu #Vaccine” : ‘Something very dangerous is going to happen with the new Flu Jab’ (Video)
mrlen @mrlen
03 August, 08:35
This is good advice. Live as if you could be called up by the Lord TODAY!

New video:
Jamie McIntyre @Jamiemcintyre
29 June, 04:41
This is how stupid humans can become after years of brainwashing. Scared of a flu and so easily mind controlled. Such lack of courage amongst some humans is deeply concerning. Maybe it will be survival of the fittest after all, and it’s pretty easy to see who won’t make it with a lack of capacity to critically think, let alone apply some basic commonsense. They could be told anything and actually believe it.

The idiot box and it’s idiot box presenters and owners have created a world sadly full of idiots.
jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
27 June, 08:07
#CDC Plan Would Expose 19 Million More #Americans to Harmful Levels of #Fluoride https://childrenshealthdef...
Nancy Cox @flowerofgrace
26 June, 07:09
True stories with heart touching characters, which also point to and prove what is happening to the masses, might help to wake people up to all the COVID lies and crimes. An example is a daughter, Grace with Down syndrome who was murdered with COVID hospital protocols. https://www.theepochtimes.... https://www.protocolkills....
Jamie McIntyre @Jamiemcintyre
21 May, 02:30 (E)
I’m anti any jab that’s fraudulently approved, for a fraudulent pandemic. That’s pretty much covers the entire quackzinne industry, since the 1976 fake swine flu pandemic, and their deadly, yet profitable vaccine campaign. History will continue to repeat itself, and get worse, until we learn to jail the con artists and fraudsters such as Gates, and Fauci

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