jeffhertzog @jeffhertzog
20 August, 05:21
Video: Task Force Member Dr. #DeborahBirx : "I Don Know About Discussions In Task Force" - #COVID #Vaccibne #Coronavirus -
Nancy Cox @flowerofgrace
05 August, 11:58
The American public needs to create society awareness for concern for Dr. Simone Golds safety during her 60 day federal prison confinement for exercising free speech. America needs to pray for her protection and needs. https://americasfrontlined... Safety concern articles in email: https://prisonerresource.c... https://www.prisonlegalnew... https://www.prisonlegalnew... https://prisonprofessors.c... Please share!!!
mrlen @mrlen
28 June, 11:45
#AnthonyPatch was telling is about #Coronavirus #DNA manipulation #Vaccines and .. well everything thats going on now, basically word for word in 2014 - TWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEEN!

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