mrlen @mrlen
08 August, 02:50
I don get in to arguments about rapture with people. Someone tried to argue with me a couple of days ago. I simply told him Im not going to argue about it. He persisted. I reminded him that no one knows the day or the hour. In my opinion, the Bible doesn specifically say when the rapture will be. I e heard valid propositions from people, but at the end of the day, I try my best to live as though Jesus is coming TODAY. I am unmindful that no one is promised tomorrow (rapture or no rapture). I think when people get wrapped up in rapture theories - thats one thing - but to argue about it is actually very silly. Like I said: I don argue. The rapture will be when it will be, according to His timing. Jesus didn ask us to theorise about the rapture. He did, however, say that He will come like a thief in the night.
mrlen @mrlen
07 August, 10:03
This is am amazing new video filled with power and hope:
mrlen @mrlen
07 August, 02:54
Every Christian family should be part of their own church (as a minimum). The father being the pastor - so to speak. I always say: Church isn 4 walls and a steeple. Church is Gods people. Church is when 2 or more come together in Jesus name, He is there with them. There are many churches and you only need 2 people to form one. Every morning my wife and myself become a church. Church isn a place to go to. Thats the way I see things anyway. This is an awesome video. Agree with everything 100%.
mrlen @mrlen
07 August, 12:52
More people should question the pharmacist, the "doctors" and the politicians:
mrlen @mrlen
06 August, 08:21
mrlen @mrlen
06 August, 04:29
lol, when you hear the last thing this 56 year old man says, you will laugh! I 😂
mrlen @mrlen
06 August, 03:15
I don understand how the drivers know that the motor cycle riders are up to no good. What if they just stopped to ask for directions? Or is this robbing and killing thing so prolific, drivers just know to rundown any bike that is stopped on the road? Can anyone fill me in? Educate me here?
mrlen @mrlen
05 August, 09:29
Next time someone says: "If that were true it would be all over the news", just show them this video:
mrlen @mrlen
05 August, 08:54
This is a very insightful and educational new video. Well worth a watch.
mrlen @mrlen
05 August, 07:53
The police that are engaged in this harassment do not serve the people. They are a rogue gang. Keep your chin up Monica. There are countless people praying for you. No matter what happens, YOU will always be remembered for being on the right side of history. Thats more than can be said for henchmen of a falling, globalist controlled state. Hell was made for those monsters. We love you! God loves you.
mrlen @mrlen
04 August, 10:18
Best video I have seen for months!
mrlen @mrlen
03 August, 08:35
This is good advice. Live as if you could be called up by the Lord TODAY!

New video:
mrlen @mrlen
02 August, 05:20
Please join me in prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, please bring this woman to a full recovery, as well as every other unsuspecting victim that took the poison just to keep their job - but have since woken up and regret being fooled into this experiment.

We pray in Jesus mighty name, through all things are possible as He is the Way the Truth and the Life. We believe You will put Your hand on these people and bring them to a full recovery for a testimony to Your glory and for Your kingdom.

We thank you Lord for your mercy and grace. Amen.
mrlen @mrlen
28 July, 09:47 (E)
Great new video and an easy to understand explanation of why Jesus died for us:
mrlen @mrlen
25 July, 10:17
mrlen @mrlen
25 July, 11:07
mrlen @mrlen
24 July, 12:11
Huge respect to #MarkCuban . Everyone else took an opportunity to chime on on social media. Insisting Delonte West get help. Mark went to him and put him in his car. BIG DIFFERENCE! I will never hear a bad word about Mark Cuban.
How This NBA Star Became A Homeless Man.. - YouTube

How do you go from hitting game winning shots next to LeBron James, making over 16 million dollars to a homeless man on the side of the street. This is Delon...

mrlen @mrlen
22 July, 09:37
If you
e not a Christian, you will not understand or appreciate this video.

We all have a conscience and we all have a will.

The path that we choose is entirely up to us.

Great new video about faith..

Great advice!
mrlen @mrlen
21 July, 11:10
I have a smart phone at home so that I can use all the banking apps and stuff that they insist I use. However, when I go out, I use a DeGoogled android phone thats got nothing installed onto it except a few F-Droid Apps. I use an offline map which I can still use even if the phone doesn have reception. I still use the phone for photos and videos - so my daily driver still has to be 1/2 decent - but the photos and video don go onto the cloud. I transfer them to my computer manually, when I get home. This might also be a nice way to do things for some people.
mrlen @mrlen
21 July, 09:29
I love the end of this video:

"The truth may coast you something, but lies will cost you everything"
mrlen @mrlen
20 July, 01:12
This would be hilarious, but its so true I can even laugh at it.
mrlen @mrlen
20 July, 04:19
Be careful about posting dodgy videos about black eyed babies.

While we should all do what we can to educate people about the deadly mRNA, gene modifying clot-shot, posting videos about black eyed babies doesn help. Its actually quite normal for a lot of babies to be born with large dark eyes.
mrlen @mrlen
16 July, 10:56
So this is what the kids are being taught..
mrlen @mrlen
16 July, 10:19
This is a great new video about the dangers of being lukewarm. Are you lukewarm? Are you sitting on the fence?
The Warning To The Church of Loadicea May Apply To You! - Listen Carefully - YouTube

For prayers SUBSCRIBE to our Prayer channel:*This is an original narration recorded specifically fo...

mrlen @mrlen
14 July, 11:05
It appears to me, in this video, that Putin is happy to see the end of America because they
e selfish, self serving and bossy. And hes happy see a globalist world order replace it. Does Putin really believe that the unelected, elitist globalists that refer to us as useless eaters are really going to build democracy and national sovereignty? Ive always had a level of respect for Putin - believing hes only been looking out for his nation - which is the right and duty of any leader, but I think today is the day I lost that respect. These are the words of a globalist, NWO sympathizer. Or am I not understanding what he said? Was something lost in translation?
mrlen @mrlen
14 July, 10:38
You are ONE LAST BREATH away from the judgement. No one is promised tomorrow. To you know Jesus Christ? And are you following Him?
mrlen @mrlen
13 July, 10:06
In all honestly, I rather just run a DeGoogled OS (Calyx OS or Lineage OS - I actually have/use both intermittently, depending on which phone I am currently using) - with F-Droid apps only. If its not on F-Droid, I just do without it. but then again, I have 2 phones (at any one time). I have one for banking, 2FA, Phone company Data app installed, etc which is kept in a draw inside a Faraday bag. I also use this phone as a hotspot sometimes if my Internet goes down - in an emergency. But then I put it back in the draw, in the Faraday bag. I never leave the house with this phone. I have stickers over the cameras too. And I have my DeGoogled F-Droid phone which is the one I carry around. Also with stickers over the cameras. Works well for me.
mrlen @mrlen
13 July, 09:25 (E)
Are you seeking God?

Heres a great video to help you gain clarity..

There will come a time when He will not be found. Now is the time to seek God. Today. Dont seek God as a last resort, when all else fails.

Dont seek God because of what you can get from God. If you seek God because you love Him, you will find Him. Don be a double minded individual. Seek God with all your heart. Seek ye the Lord while He may be found.
mrlen @mrlen
13 July, 09:13
Do you have #Integrity ?

How much is your integrity worth?

Food for thought..

If you dont turn back and hand the $5 back when you are given incorrect change, it means youve sold your integrity for $5. A lot of people dont see it that way, but its true.

Its just not worth it to lie, cheat and steal for personal gain. Even if its just a little lie and a little cheat and a little steal. As a matter of fact, if you try to get ahead over petty theft and lying, then youve handed your soul over for nothing.
mrlen @mrlen
13 July, 03:02
Make no mistake about it. The #Media are just as complicit in the injustices that are prevailing throughout the world right now. They are an enemy to everything truthful and free.