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20 September, 09:51 (E)
Youre broke..
You owe money..
You hate your job..
Youd be on the street in a month if you lost your job..

Sound like you? Watch this video:
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09 September, 11:20
If you
e making excuses to not believe in God or maintain a relationship with Jesus because the churches are full of so many hypocrites, you need to see his video:
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09 September, 10:49
Is Jesus a deity? Is Jesus God?

This highly informative and interesting video will leave you with no doubt as to what the answer is..
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07 September, 10:08
This video can be summed up with:

"The left got Jennifer. Shes gone now".
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07 September, 01:04
Im going to be honest. This video made me cry:
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07 September, 12:56
I can tell you why this happened. Its simple. The recruitment strategy for the lat couple of decades within the police force has been to hire sociopaths that love to lord themselves over others, with a limited IQ - just smart enough to follow orders but not smart enough to ask questions. And this is the result. When you interact with police these days, its appropriate to consider yourself speaking with a high functioning imbecile. Just do what you can to exit the situation. Don make any sudden movements. Speak in a monotone voice that wont arouse emotion from the thug/government gang member. If you need to, show up in court with legal representation where youll likely be able to successfully challenge the actions of the moron(s) that interfered with your day.
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03 September, 10:28
What we have here are 2 worlds colliding. A world of lies, deceit and evil - and a world of truth. The wheat are being sorted from the chaff. The chaff literally believe the delusion of the world they e chosen to walk into. They cannot see, reach or understand the truth. Those who are walking in truth, however, can see the lies for what they are. When all is said and done, the world of lies will descend into eternal darkness, where there is no light.
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01 September, 09:09
Update on Aussie Cossack:
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31 August, 09:50
Best 2 minute video youll see today!

Join the #GlobalWalkout - spread the news!
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31 August, 09:01
This is a truly awesome video, put very well.
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28 August, 10:30
"And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." - Matthew 19:24 KJV
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27 August, 11:58
This is why I am skeptical about #Trump . I love everything he did for the US #Economy , but then he not only pushed the clot shots but vehemently want to take credit for it. Trump in office is like having a nice big, expensive, designer birthday cake .. that someone hocked up a loogie slagged across the top of. Nobody wants to eat it.
mrlen @mrlen
27 August, 04:39
So basically, cops take time out of their day all over Australia to celebrate Mardi Gras, but if you dare have a coffee more than 5k from home or don have a face diaper on, or have the audacity to let your kids play at the park, you get shot in the back with rubber bullets, have your head stomped into the concrete while you
e on the ground or a rifle butt smashed into your spine. Its not hard to see the times we
e in. I mean if you can see it by now you really have to just wonder if you
e written off and eternally damned at this point.
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26 August, 10:30
Having a bad day?

Great new video that will help to give you perspective:

2 Corinthians 4:8-9
King James Version

8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;

9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;
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20 August, 09:15
I e been subscribed to Ed for many years. This is a great new video with good advice for true believers.
mrlen @mrlen
20 August, 07:18
If you e not been jabbed - you DEFINITELY won after seeing this..
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20 August, 06:26
You just KNOW when Alex shuts up and listens (love him, awesome guy), someone is saying something very important:
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20 August, 01:00
wow, this new video really puts things into perspective:
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18 August, 09:12
The Amish are OUT OF CONTROL! They
e not using fertilizer and they
e blatantly producing healthy, chemical free food! Stop the Amish now! These people are SICK! Who do they think they are to stand against corporate interests? Raid the Amish now! They e got to go down! They
e selling FRESH MILK! They
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14 August, 09:52
Take a moment to watch this video. It will touch your heart. .:f
mrlen @mrlen
14 August, 09:33
If this doesn touch your heart or strike a cord, I don know what to say. 11 years old - speaking more truth than 99.9% of adults.
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14 August, 09:22
Awesome new video which explains some important Biblical principals for life. Well worth a watch:
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13 August, 08:43
Very timely message in this new video. Its time for you to choose a side. What is your choice?
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13 August, 02:33 (E)
The best way to make politicians accountable is whoever put their hand up to be one should be disqualified. We should choose retirees (or people close to retiring age, maybe 50+) who have lived successful lives in the community. Let them do 4 years of service and pay them 4 times what they were earning before as a thank you. That will get things running/fixed..
mrlen @mrlen
11 August, 09:01
Awesome message. Jesus hides the true understanding and reserves it for those who are sincere in heart. He lets those that think their icket to heaven is based on following rules and regulations and tithing believe a lie. The truth of God is protected like a treasure. He makes the truth plain as day, so that those who see TRULY see. Those that don see - see nothing. I am always in awe of the intelligence of God. The human mind can even comprehend His magnificence.
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11 August, 11:24
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10 August, 09:23
This is what a champion looks like:
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08 August, 10:45
Very true. And very dangerous. Id just like to add that we all know what repetition is one of the keys of brainwashing. But what about when the brainwashing is based entirely on what people WANT to believe? It will be like a nightmare that they can get out of. Partially self imposed. Its will be madness. Social media algorithms will supercharge and weaponize fanaticism.
mrlen @mrlen
08 August, 02:50
I don get in to arguments about rapture with people. Someone tried to argue with me a couple of days ago. I simply told him Im not going to argue about it. He persisted. I reminded him that no one knows the day or the hour. In my opinion, the Bible doesn specifically say when the rapture will be. I e heard valid propositions from people, but at the end of the day, I try my best to live as though Jesus is coming TODAY. I am unmindful that no one is promised tomorrow (rapture or no rapture). I think when people get wrapped up in rapture theories - thats one thing - but to argue about it is actually very silly. Like I said: I don argue. The rapture will be when it will be, according to His timing. Jesus didn ask us to theorise about the rapture. He did, however, say that He will come like a thief in the night.
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07 August, 10:03
This is am amazing new video filled with power and hope: